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2014 League Championship Series Primer

I think we did a little too much LDS, so let’s take some LCS instead.


OK, so we probably didn’t do too much LDS. There really isn’t such a thing as too much playoff baseball (unless you are the 2002 San Francisco Giants… or the 2003 Boston Red Sox… or the 2004 New York Yankees… or the 2011 Texas Rangers… or the 2012 Cincinnati Reds… or the 2012 St. Louis Cardinals… or the 2014 Matt Williams on October 4… just to name a few who instantly come to mind), but the 2014 ALDSes provided two 3-game sweeps and the NLDSes provided two 4-game resolutions. Really, there was not a lot of LDS to be done this year.

The LCSes start today – the Kansas City Royals and Baltimore Orioles tip off in mere hours, while the Giants and Cardinals first put up their dukes on Saturday. Most brackets (including that of yours truly) are completely ablaze; seriously, my bracket got straight up nuked.

Click to enlarge
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Beardfaceman’s bracket fared much better in the LDS round – he nailed 3 of 4 advancing teams. Sadly, the one he missed was the big cahouna – those Silly Tiggies will NOT be warpathing their way to that World Series title for which they have so long starved.

Click to enlarge
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While it may seem disingenuous for most anyone to try to save face and “expertly” provide you with a handicap of upcoming round after such disintegration of the best laid plans. I’m going to do it anyway, giving you a quick and dirty LCS primer while taking some pains to review the relevant developments from the LDSes along the way. Feel free to go back and review the Sweet Nothings and Hardball Postseason Primer, as well. You and I both know, however, that you are the type of person that skips to the end of a well-thought-out and well-written review just to see the score. You’ve done it. I’ve done it. We will do it again. Onward.


The American League Championship Series
The National League Championship Series


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Spring Fling / Give Him a Ring / Leave Him Crying: AL Central Edition

Repost. Original post date: May 25, 2014.

Editorial Prologue: We apologize for the delay in the release of the AL Central Edition of “Spring Fling / Give Him A Ring / Leave Him Crying.” Our write-ups were completed by the morning of May 23rd; we will attach editorial comments to the write-up of any player who accomplished or experienced anything significant in the wake of the completion of writing.


We’re wrapping up May here at Sweet Nothings and Hardball with a special Spring series (contrary to what mercury readings might tell you, there is still a solid month of spring left).  Indeed, as young men’s fancies turn to thoughts of love this time of year, (what with your ‘Prom’, nature’s flowering blooms, and inexplicably generous contract extensions) so shall we too embrace this season of love. We are committed to bringing you only hardest-hitting analysis and the most insightful-est of journalism, and we do so today by playing everyone’s favorite of old tavern games:  From a sample of three, pick one person to ‘Date’, one to ‘Marry’, and one to ‘Kick to the Curb’. The Subjects? All 30 MLB rosters.  The Objective? Give you, our favorite (ahem… only) reader, a cursory introduction to some of the players and concepts we value. You know it. You love it. It’s…

Sweet Nothings and Hardball’s “Spring Fling / Give Him A Ring / Leave Him Crying” Game!

Spring Fling
: Ready to give a season to this player, but for any number of reasons, it just can’t work out long-term.

Give Him a Ring: Ready to commit to this player for at least 3 seasons.

Leave him Crying: Ready to be cold and heartless because sometimes we don’t want to be masochists anymore.

All players considered must already have accrued MLB service time (there will be prospects later… don’t you worry). Again, remember that this intended to be cursory and fun; we are both keenly aware that there are players out there other than the “household names,” but the very nature of our little game will by default limit our field to the best and brightest (or previously best and brightest) stars.


Presented in order of standings on May 25, 2014.

Detroit Tigers
Kansas City Royals
Minnesota Twins
Chicago White Sox
Cleveland Indians


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