2014 World Series Matchup Power Rankings

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The best of the remaining matchups, the Battle for Missouri will have to be carried by middle American viewership.  Just as we feared a Nationals-Baltimore World Series might go unwatched by everyone outside of Virginia, the coasts may tune out for brawl for control of a certain stretch of I-70.

Derek Jeter

Fortunately, the Royals keep making diving catches, stealing third, and hitting extra-innings home runs.  Kansas City has banked enough fan equity to guarantee at least decent viewership amongst MLB neutrals.  If the Cardinals can bring even replacement-level viewership to the table, this is the best matchup remaining for MLB and the networks.

Derek Jeter

If anything, this matchup actually pits two teams that are somewhat reflective of each other – both put up similar results during the regular season (albeit much better bullpen production from the Royals bullpen), and both have magically started blasting dingers on top of continuing to do the little things that allowed them to sneak into the October dance in the first place. Buckle up, trolls.

Derek Jeter

Quality of Ball
(On a Scale of 1-5 Joe Bucks)

4.5 Joe Buck

Likelihood Fox Executive Will Inflict Severe Self-Harm
(On a Scale of 1-5 Joe Bucks)

3 Joe Buck


Derek Jeter


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