2014 World Series Matchup Power Rankings

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The San Francisco Giants are a ratings nightmare for networks largely because San Franciscans don’t watch television.  The 2012 World Series featuring the Giants and the generally TV-friendly Tigers pulled a record low 7.6 Nielson rating. (The next year, the Boston – St. Louis series rebounded with an 8.9.)  The previous record-low the 2012 Giants sweep beat?  You guessed it: The 2010 World Series which also featured the Giants steamrolling their way to victory with just an 8.4 rating, then the lowest rating ever for a World Series.

Derek Jeter

This phenomenon extends outside of baseball, as the 2013 Super Bowl featuring the San Francisco 49ers was the first Super Bowl in 5 years to decline in rating, down 3% from the previous year.

Derek Jeter

Without the backdrop of the compelling Royals feel-good underdog story, a neutral O’s team and the toxic Giants would be the worst-case scenario for World Series ratings this year. What are they going to do –  play up the “THESE TWO TEAMS WEAR HALLOWEEN COLORS AND IT’S ALMOST HALLOWEEN PLEASE DEAR GOD FIND IT IN YOUR HEARTS TO WATCH” angle?

Derek Jeter

From an on-field perspective, this would probably be the dullest matchup, as well, though that actually says a lot about the quality of baseball this postseason has produced. The Orioles, have continued to play very good defense for the most part, and obviously they are more than capable of a power barrage. The Giants, meanwhile, did not display exceptional capability in any one facet during a topsy-turvy regular season campaign, but they did a lot of things just well enough, and they have enacted “Operation Cockroach” again during this 2014 postseason. You want a series that could be competitive AND present the opportunity for the (as of writing) -7 HR differential the Giants are currently sporting this postseason to grow? This series and its games at Orioles Park at Camden Yards would certainly give you a great opportunity to see more of THAT grotesque curiosity.

Derek Jeter

Quality of Ball
(On a Scale of 1-5 Joe Bucks)
3 Joe Buck
Likelihood Fox Executive Will Inflict Severe Self-Harm
(On a Scale of 1-5 Joe Bucks)

4.5 Joe Buck


Derek Jeter


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