Spring Fling / Give Him a Ring / Leave Him Crying: AL East Edition

Can the dudes race against the onset of summer and win? No, probably not. Will the fact that the final edition(s) “Spring Fling / Give Him a Ring / Leave Him Crying” could very well be published in summer matter to someone? Probably. Does that someone read “Sweet Nothings and Hardball?” Math says “no.” Nonetheless, we are committed to bringing you the opportunity to pick, from a sample of three, one to ‘Date’, one to ‘Marry’, and one to ‘Kick to the Curb’. The Subjects? All 30 MLB rosters.  The Objective? To provide you a cursory introduction to some of the players and concepts we value… and hate. You know it. You love it. It’s…

Sweet Nothings and Hardball’s “Spring Fling / Give Him A Ring / Leave Him Crying” Game!

Spring Fling
: Ready to give a season to this player, but for any number of reasons it probably won’t work out long-term.

Give Him a Ring: Ready to commit to this player for at least 3 seasons.

Leave him Crying: Ready to be cold and heartless because sometimes we don’t want to be masochists anymore.

Players must have accrued MLB service time this season to qualify as entrants.


Presented in order of standings on June 15, 2014.

Toronto Blue Jays
Baltimore Orioles
New York Yankees
Boston Red Sox
Tampa Bay Rays

Wait, so what you are saying is that the AL East is getting yet further coverage? Sadly, it must be so, trolls. Hey, at least its some weird “upside down” AL East though. C’mon – doesn’t some part of you enjoy that this is *almost* a complete inversion of the 2008 standings? Too esoteric? We can’t be friends.

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