Spring Fling / Give Him a Ring / Leave Him Crying: NL Central Edition

June is upon us and we have but a short time to authentically conclude our lusty spring series while it is still – you know – spring. Proms are over, nature’s flowering is frying, and inexplicably generous contract extensions will have to wait until the weather chills. Nonetheless, we shall continue to bring you our most favoritest of old tavern games: from a sample of three, pick one to ‘Date’, one to ‘Marry’, and one to ‘Kick to the Curb’. The Subjects? All 30 MLB rosters.  The Objective? To provide you a cursory introduction to some of the players and concepts we value… and hate. You know it. You love it. It’s…

Sweet Nothings and Hardball’s “Spring Fling / Give Him A Ring / Leave Him Crying” Game!

Spring Fling
: Ready to give a season to this player, but for any number of reasons, it just can’t work out long-term.

Give Him a Ring: Ready to commit to this player for at least 3 seasons.

Leave him Crying: Ready to be cold and heartless because sometimes we don’t want to be masochists anymore.

All players considered must already have accrued MLB service time (there will be prospects later… wait, can’t we have this prospect now?).


Presented in order of standings on June 1, 2014.

Milwaukee Brewers
St. Louis Cardinals
Pittsburgh Pirates
Cincinnati Reds
Chicago Cubs

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One thought on “Spring Fling / Give Him a Ring / Leave Him Crying: NL Central Edition”

  1. Mark Grace was 24 when he made 1b home for 13 seasons on the North Side & won my heart as my all time favorite player, thus slipping the ring of Wrigley onto my finger, for better off worse. It’s been 26 seasons & i’m still in love. I love the Rizzo blurps. I like his production. Willing to take a single or a walk. Not trying to do to much but knowing you need base runners not outs! As far Shark goes, I like him & he gives Quality Starts, although I’m not in love with tht stat. I think he compares to Homer Baily. Up until this season Baily had been more consistent the past 2 yrs. Shark tanked last year but was good on bad 2012 club. This year he has avoided the big inning but doesn’t get a lot of run support. A la Greg Maddux in the years before, the blundering idiots in the front office, let him go to Atlanta or even Matt Cain a few years back. I think the cubs will deal him at the deadline, probably for prospects. I hope they get more major league ready talent for him. My reasoning is the fact tht they couldn’t get him signed in the off season. Good blog mates:)

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